Saturday, June 18, 2011

dear diary

i rarely write n im not gewd at it at all.... but sometimes i think i have to, i guess... nahh i dun really kno. actually i can talk to my hubby, but for e time being i dun think it's necessary.. frankly speakin' dis thing is not a big deal.. juz want to express how i feel... I sick of ppl who always think they r gewd, they r perfect, they r all dat... yeah most probably they are, (at least they thot so)...(if u're really gewd, then y ppl keep complainin' bout cha? cant u see dat?) i dun mind u're gewd or wutsoever e hell, but pls dun make up storiess okayyyyyyyyyyyy! soooo not kewll!!!!! if u dun like or not comfortable to werk wit me, say it str8 to my face! i heard dis thing tru yer wife! n i dun understand y every wife has to think dat their husband is soooooooooooo perfect? most of 'em does! ya me, sum times, but not every times... c'mon mannn your husbanndddd my husband their husbands are only human.. they make mistake!! seriously i dunno wut happen between him and his (i dun kno wut, who) i have no idea at all!! but she claimed dat i teased u sarcastically. the problem is, i never ever pointed at u so y were u touching so much? y u suddenly acted such a kindergarten kid? hey, ppl whos found guilty will do the same thing as u did.... and u actually knew who am i talking about... it's so pathetic! and regarding ur werk, according to yer wife, she said u feel down n all, hey u kno wut? u should be reshuffled long time ago, but i told e boss, to hold it 1st, n told 'em u r capable to do werks,u r gewd in yer field and bla bla bla.. i guided u i briefed u wut to do, i told u wut's next so u wont missed any... but u? n i think we're fren, i dun want u to lose yer extra money.... but u told yer wife the other way around! wut on earth were u thinking? i dun mind if u want to tell her or wutsoever, dats wut husband n wife is for... she/he always be beside u... but pls dun simply make up stories n dun point fingers to others... we make mistake man... so do u.....

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